The international conference “Building Railway Rail Baltica”

On September 23th, in Riga, Railway Museum (2A Uzvaras Blvd) from 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM an international conference titled “Building Railway Rail Balticaˮ will take place addressing the achieved progress in creation of Rail Baltica, a fast, safe and environmentally friendly railway connection to Europe, as well as the location of the track and the process of implementing the project in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Specialists of different sectors from each of the three Baltic states, planning the particular track location, making calculations of economic benefits, studying and developing mechanisms of possible compensations to inhabitants, developing projects of significant train stops of Rail Baltica – railway stations and logistics centres, will participate with presentations in this conference. In the conclusion of the conference – a panel discussion “Current Issues of the Future Solutionsˮ.

The moderator of the panel discussion: Neils Balgalis, RB Latvia. 

Language of the conference: Latvian, with interpretation provided into English.

Agenda of the international conference “Building Railway Rail Balticaˮ


Moderators of the conference:

Edgars Pastars (port.)Edgars Pastars, a consultant in the sworn lawyer bureau Borenius

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Edgars Pastars will present the results of the study “Determining fair compensation for the properties that are required and are to be alienated for the public good, and for the loss caused to properties that are indirectly affected and have suffered restrictions on economic activity or indirect losses as a result of implementation of the transport infrastructure project”.


Arnis KakulisArnis Kākulis, AECOM Regional Director in the Baltic states

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Presentation theme: Stops of Rail Baltica in Latvia – the intermodal freight terminal and the multimodal passenger network.

The presentation will provide information on:
*  Estimates of Rail Baltica freight amounts;
* The planned locations of logistics centres in the state transport network;
* Functions which may be ensured by this logistics terminal;
* Mobility of the population and the transport flow in the area of the Riga Central Station;
* Optimization of a schedule of potential trains of the railway station;
* Influence of this transport network on the urban environment, and the potential positive effect of this influence on Riga’s development in future.



Nauris KlavaNauris Kļava, the Director of the Management Consultations Department of Ernst & Young Baltic Ltd

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Presentation theme: Economic benefits of the RailBaltica project for the economy of Latvia
During the presentation, the impact of RailBaltica on the transport sector, as well as benefits and costs of RailBaltica will be outlined.


Neils BalgalisNeils Balgalis, spatial planning expert of the general partnership RB Latvia

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Presentation theme: Balancing of environmental, public and economic interests in the process of Rail Baltica track planning


During the presentation, the technical solutions of Rail Baltica, complicated locations in Latvia, involvement of the population in the track planning process, as well as solutions for environmental aspects will be discussed.


Indrek OravIndrek Orav, Member of the Management Board, Rail Baltic Estonia

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Presentation theme: Rail Baltica implementation in Estonia

During the presentation, speaker describes:
– benefits for citizens and the national economy;
– social-economic benefits;
– opportunities Rail Baltica offers for the region;
– the biggest challenges and risks during the project implementation.


Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 14.37.17Andres Lindemann, Rail Baltic Spatial Planning Executive Officer, Ministry of
Economic Affairs and Communications, the Republic of Estonia

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Presentation theme: Rail Baltica – the current state in Estonia

During the presentation, the main focus of the speaker’s presentation will be on the following:
Rail Baltica project development in Estonia since 2012;
– Technical scope and achievements until now;
– Experiences and questions for future development.


Nerijus KaucikasNerijus Kaučikas, Deputy Director of Development and International Relations Department, Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania

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Presentation theme: Benefits, progress and challenges of the Rail Baltica project – the Lithuanian perspective

The presentation will focus on describing the Lithuanian approach towards the benefits, progress made so far and challenges related to the Rail Baltica project.
– Benefits are enormous, sometimes difficult to estimate, and related not only to economy;
– 1435 mm rail gauge has been built in Lithuania for 2 years. Further planning, design and construction will be carried out in the following years.
– Challenges – the internal, external, political ones, communication.


mantas kayšilasMantas Kaušylas, Development Manager, AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Limited branch

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Presentation theme: Planning of the railway track in Lithuania

In the presentation, the speaker describes:
– the main stages, aims and aspects of planning, SEA, EIA;
– presentation of the planned track and main objects (stations, depot, etc.);
– issues and lessons;